Wesley Randles & Andy Fenner


Wesley Randles & Andy Fenner – Convivium

Convivium is the brainchild of two friends, Wesley Randles and Andy Fenner; one a chef, one a butcher. The event was born out of the unshakeable feeling that there is a need to celebrate the local food industry, and to improve upon it.

Convivium is an event that aims to showcase food, chefs and producers in the most primal way possible by closing the gap between the end product (a meal) and the starting point (the earth and the animal). Now in its third year, Convivium is held every year on winemaker Adi Badenhorst’s farm in the Swartland and aims to make real, measurable change to the industry through a combination of workshops, lectures and eventually a massive lunch cooked up by an assortment of the best chefs in South Africa. 

Photo: C&D Heierli Photography

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