Sascha Landshoff

Tosti Fabriek & Coco Conserven (NL)

Sascha Landshoff¬†–¬†Tosti Fabriek & Coco Conserven

Jansen, Jansen, Bachrach & Landshoff (JJBL) are an experimental production house founded by Tobias Jansen, Joris Jansen, Vera Bachrach and Sascha Landshoff. They are known for their living installations, most notably De TostiFabriek as well as Coco Conserven, a range of canned products.

Sascha Landshoff is an enterprising artist who graduated from the Royal Art Academy of The Hague (NL). He is the creator of De TostiFabriek, Co-founder of JJBL and Co-founder of Coco Conserven. By developing, designing and implementing new ideas around topics ranging from money, food and energy his enterprises are shaping and changing the future of food economies and enterprise.

De TostiFabriek, (The Toasti Factory) explores the journey that food takes from the farm to the table. It took JJBL eight months to produce all the ingredients necessary to create a 100% local toasted ham and cheese sandwich. To do so the collective built an urban toast factory, in the center of Amsterdam, which consisted of a small wheat field, two pigs, two cows, a calf, a cheese room and a production room. They welcomed the public to engage with the entire eight-month process and subsequently published a book about the project.

Their latest enterprise, Coco Conserven (Coco canned) is a cannery established in what was formerly a grenade factory in Zaandam. They are developing healthy and accessible food in a can that endeavors to realize sustainable food systems by curbing food wastage in favor of preserving seasonally harvested produce. Current food trends make it seem that fresh and sustainable are synonymous, but JJBL disagree. They recognize an increase in demand for fresh, healthy, organic and ethically sourced produce may lead to greater food wastage and are exploring how canned food can offer a long-term solution whilst simultaneously changing negative perceptions of canned goods. At the moment they are working towards developing techniques that better preserve flavor, increasing their product range and becoming a household name.

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