Nobhongo Gxolo

Third Culture Experiment

Nobhongo Gxolo –  Writer & Cook

Nobhongo Gxolo is a Cape Town-based freelance writer, a home cook and a host of monthly food club, Third Culture Experiment. Third Culture Experiment offers a space for young, upwardly mobile professionals to meet, hang out and enjoy a three-course meal which Nobhongo prepares, in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Third Culture Experiment began in July 2014 and almost every month since then they have been providing a space for guests to meet, eat, and connect. For the team, the Experiment is twofold: firstly there’s the food element. A lot of time is invested in finding and developing dishes, preparing food, and playing around with recipes and techniques. Secondly, there’s the social experiment of putting strangers in a room, plying them with food and signature homemade ginger beer, and bearing witness to the conversation that unfolds.

Nobhongo also works at NGO Positive Vibes with a team of citizen journalists, based in various countries across the SADC region, who produce content with the aim of establishing equal rights for the LGBTI and Sex Worker communities.

12:00 – 12:20 | Cape Town

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