Mokgadi Mabela

Mokgadi is a graduate of the University of Pretoria where she studied International Relations while Majoring in Political Science. She worked for Public Services until 2015 when she left to continue her family’s legacy in beekeeping.

NATIVE – Widely understood (formally & informally) as a term to refer to natural, indigenous, unaltered, or unadorned, Synonyms include: domestic, home-grown, home made, home, local, endemic, inborn, inherent, intuitive, & instinctive. e.g. “honey, eggs & other native produce”.

NOSI – A term from the Basotho people of South Africa meaning “Honey Bee”. Bees are flying insects, known for their role in pollination & producing honey & beeswax.

Seeing that The Native Nosi seeks to produce & sell honey, wax & byproducts that are organic & indigenous, the name is best fit to describe & complement the legacy her father built & she plans to continue.

9 September 2018. 12:50 – 13:10


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