Ruby van den Broek

Instock (NL)

Ruby van den Broek– Instock Restaurant

One third of all food production is wasted. Ruby van den Broek is Creative Designer at Instock, a ‘food surplus restaurant’ which battles food waste by turning food surplus into delicious meals and products. The chefs in the Instock restaurants turn brown bananas into banana ice cream and square Brussels sprouts are given a second chance as kimchi. Ruby studied Communication & Media Design and Pieper Bier (Potato Beer) was her graduation project. In the last year and a half she has been working on Instock’s communication, branding, design and videography. In the past two years the Dutch initiative has opened three restaurants in The Netherlands, and launched a cookbook ‘Instock Cooking’. Currently Ruby is also developing an education package for primary schools about the topic food waste.


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