Dawood Petersen

Mama San

Dawood Petersen –  Mama San

Mamasan is the child of Dawood Petersen and his wife, Lauren Jill Petersen. Both attorneys, Dawood works for government while Lauren works for a high street law firm. They are both originally from Cape Town and are collectors of contemporary art. Wanting to open a Vietnamese eatery in Johannesburg, Dawood signed the lease to space but a vacation abroad changed his plans slightly. Whilst in Berlin, he met a guy who was also originally from Cape Town and who was selling bunny chows and other South African cuisine. He inspired Dawood tremendously who went on to take a ‘roots’ tour with his sister to Malaysia to observe the culinary connection, amongst other things, between the food they grew up eating and the food eaten in Kuala Lampur. They found a connection in sweet, savoury and peppery flavours. Dawood had also been contemplating the idea of elevating Cape Malay cuisine developing a broader and more diverse variety of dishes. While back in Berlin he called Lauren to ask her views on opening a Cape Malay eatery. She agreed and Bob’s your uncle!

11:40 – 12:00 | Johannesburg

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