Bianca Hansen

Toast Ale is a concept starting in the UK in 2015. Toast Ale was founded as a commercial solution to the massive amounts of bread that is wasted every day. Toast Ale South Africa, which Bianca co-founded, has partnered with Knead Bakery to collect and use all their unsold craft bread, transport it to Devils Peak Brewery, who is their brewing partner, and brews a deliciously lite Pale Ale. 100% of their profits are redirected to their charity partner Soil for Life to fund the training of unemployed South Africans, by empowering them to become home food-gardeners, so that they can feed themselves and their families, forever. Finding success as the only craft beer in Africa which is driven by social impact, she continues to increase the amount of bread Toast Ale saves, as well as the number of families who will be empowered through home food-gardening training.

Her satisfaction comes from creating real value for the environment and human beings, and as a social entrepreneur, her mission is to turn ‘Business as usual’ to ‘Business on PURPOSE’.

Let’s #RAISEATOAST to ending food waste, and empowering South Africans, to empower themselves.

2 September 2018. 12:10 – 12:30

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